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Hi, I'm Rob. I'm a software developer. I primarily work with C# in my professional life, but my home projects are often PHP and Python based.

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The Home Automation Saga

Home Automation UIHome Automation UI

Since my posts heading in to the world of home automation I've gone on a bit of a saga. I've abandoned Home Assistant, as I wasn't happy with the way it functioned; I found creating rules for it far too obtuse if you wanted to do anything more than turn things on and off based on a single event. My response to this was, of course, to write my own software for it.

The idea behind my implementation is to simply be able to set rules up through a GUI. There are 3 main parts to it: the core backend, the web interface, and the components. It is currently in active development, and by no means complete, but functions enough to have fully replaced Home Assistant for my needs.

The backend is written in C# (Mono compatible) and uses a simple message bus system to allow each object to communicate. It has triggers which contain a set of conditions and will either match against all of them or any of them. When the conditions for the trigger is met, it then performs an action on a device (currently only switches). Conditions can be set up to compare against time, numbers, or words.

Posted on Saturday the 30th of September 2017